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Talks Library

2018 CAMP

God willing, the 12th annual camp will be held Saturday July 14th to Saturday July 21st. The speakers for 2018 are:

Bro. Bryan Styles (Livonia, MI)

Bro. Stephen Palmer (Cardiff, UK)

Registration will open for the 2018 camp in January.

2017 CAMP

The speakers and subjects for 2017 were:

Bro. Bernard Burt (Coventry West, UK)

Adults & Young People: In the Wilderness - Character Studies

Bro. Jason Bobis (Enfield, Australia)

Adults & Young People: The Pursuit of Biblical Faith.

The Talks Library also contains classes and evening programs from prior camps. Classes for 2016 and 2017 are on Livonia Tapes.

Unfortunately the 2013 recordings were not usable due to a technical problem, so only presentation information is available.

We posted some pictures of the 2009 camp that you can still enjoy!